I'm hearing a continuous tone when I call into my RPS II to reboot my ATM. What is happening ?

The continuous tone you hear is being sent by the ATM, not the RPS II.  You may be able to operate the RPS II normally by just sending the activation codes.  Sometimes the RPS II will hear its activation codes even through the sound of the ATM modem.  If you are not successful you can set the RPS II to automatic operation to reboot upon the initial incoming phone call received.  This presumes the ATM only transmits outgoing calls and you can use incoming phone calls to initiate a reboot sequence.

The following codes will set the RPS II to reboot upon receiving 2 or less incoming rings automatically.

Call the Remote Power Switch unit and let it pick up the phone.

Send ##88 to login to the RPS II

Send 013 to tell the RPS Unit to go into automatic operation and power off, then on after a brief delay, to reboot the attached device.  In this case, an ATM.

Send 020 which tells the RPS II to look for LESS THAN X amount of rings.

Send 092 which tells the RPS II to complete the automatic operation when 2 rings are received.

Send 80 to save and hang up the phone.

In this configuration the RPS II will Power OFF then ON after 2 Rings or LESS is received.

Now when you call the RPS Unit that is connected to the ATM and 2 or less rings are detected, the RPS will power off, then on, after a brief delay, rebooting the ATM regardless if the ATM picks up the phone or not.

Product: RPS II, RPS2


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