I have a ATX type case and power supply being used with my computer. Will this cause any problems ?

This Remote Power Switching Device is just like a wall switch except you call into the unit to give it instructions to turn the power ON or OFF. flip the switch). The device you have plugged into the unit must be able to be rebooted by cycling the power. Typically but not in all cases ) with the ATX case, unplugging the power at the wall and then re-inserting the plug will not allow the computer to power up. You have to hit the power button ON the computer to logon. However, depending on the bios of your computer, you may be able to rectify this problem by turning off this feature. See the power management section of your bios to see if the option is available to you. You can run a test to see if the configuration will work by simply unplugging your computer at the wall and re-inserting the plug once the bios has been configured. If your system boots up, the unit should work fine for you. If Not,  <a href= http://www.remotepowerswitch.com/reboot-atx.html ><span style= font-family: tahoma; font-size: 13px; >CLICK HERE </a><span style= font-family: tahoma; color: #1c6497; font-size: 13px; > for our RPS-ATX add on product!