I am hearing a continuous tone when I call into my RPS II to reboot my ATM. What is happening ?

The continuous tone you hear is being sent by the ATM, not the RPS II. &nbsp;You may be able to operate the RPS II normally by just sending the activation codes. &nbsp;Sometimes the RPS II will hear its activation codes even through the sound of the ATM modem. &nbsp;If you are not successful you can set the RPS II to automatic operation to reboot upon the initial incoming phone call received. &nbsp;This presumes the ATM only transmits outgoing calls and you can use incoming phone calls to initiate a reboot sequence.The following codes will set the RPS II to reboot upon receiving 2 or less incoming rings automatically.Call the Remote Power Switch unit and let it pick up the phone.Send <strong>##88  to login to the RPS IISend <strong>013  to tell the RPS Unit to go into automatic operation and power off, then on after a brief delay, to reboot the attached device. &nbsp;In this case, an ATM.Send <strong>020  which tells the RPS II to look for LESS THAN X amount of rings.Send <strong>092  which tells the RPS II to complete the automatic operation when 2 rings are received.Send <strong>80  to save and hang up the phone.In this configuration the RPS II will Power OFF then ON after 2 Rings or LESS is received.Now when you call the RPS Unit that is connected to the ATM and 2 or less rings are detected, the RPS will power off, then on, after a brief delay, rebooting the ATM regardless if the ATM picks up the phone or not.Product: RPS II, RPS2http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com<br />