I have plugged my devices into the electrical ports on the back of the RPS-ERP-II unit. However, the setting page did not detect the devices. What is happening?

When you plug an electrical cord into a wall socket, is it auto detected ?&nbsp; The sockets on the back of the RPS-ERP-II units are just standard electrical sockets.&nbsp; They do not work like USB ports and auto-detect the connected devices.<br>\r\n</br>\r\n<br>\r\n</br>You can enter a reference for the individual ports on the power control screen.&nbsp; You can also rename the RPS-ERP-II unit in the Settings Menu.<br>\r\n</br><br>\r\n</br><a href= http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com >http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com</a><br>\r\n</br>\r\n<br>\r\n</br>Product: RPS-ERP-II