I can login to my remote power switch successfully over the web from my computer browser, however when I use my cellphone browser I cannot login. What is happening?

Cellphones may capitalize the first letter of your user name and/or password. For instance, if your user name needs to be admin the cellphone will automatically change the first letter to a capital A or Admin.&nbsp; This is causing the login problems.&nbsp; Try turning off this feature or double the first character and then edit the word and remove the capital letter.&nbsp; Example: Type aadmin which the cell phone will turn into Aadmin and then go back and remove the capital A to get the admin before submitting the name.<br>\r\n</br><br>\r\n</br><br>\r\n</br><a href= http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com >http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com</a>