The SUBMIT Prompt on my RPS-ERP-2 Unit Power Control Menu has disappeared using Firefox. It was there, now it is gone. What is happening?

Please try the following steps: - Flush the cache on your browser.  - Try accessing the unit from IE or Chrome.&nbsp; Does the same condition occur? - Try accessing the unit from a different computer. - If you are accessing the unit over a VPN, try accessing the unit over a standard network connection. - Reload the Firmware on the unit by following this procedure.&nbsp; Press and hold the 2 buttons on the front of the RPS-ERP-2 unit while you power on the device. Continue pressing the buttons for about 1 minute. You will hear a series of beeps. After a minute, release the buttons. Power the unit off, then back on. The RPS-ERP-2 unit will now be reset to factory default settings of IP or - If none of the above solves your problem, please contact support @ for further help. Product: RPS-ERP-2 Remote Power Switch <a href= ></a>