My RPS-ERP-2-Plus Unit is not sending emails. Can you help?

Please check the following: - Your DNS Settings maybe invalid in system menu.&nbsp; If the DNS values are incorrect or not working, you will not be able to connect with your mail server. - Under SETUP &gt; E-Mail try using the IP address of your mail server instead of name. <strong>- CRITICAL - Make sure the password for your relay email account is EXACTLY 8 characters long and contains only letters and numbers! Authentication will fail otherwise and your email will not be sent!  - Check your SPAM and TRASH folders on your email client as the incoming message may have been routed to that location. - Make sure the email of the receiver is valid and any spam firewalls in place allow incoming mail from the sending account you are using. Applicable to Product: RPS-ERP-2 PLUS Version Web controlled Remote Power Switch <a href= ></a>