When I plug a regular phone into the second jack of my RPS3-2 unit, the RPS3 does not pickup the phone and begin playing its voice prompts. The remote power switch works fine without the phone plugged in. What is happening?

Please try the following:- The telephone line may not be supplying enough current to ring the phone and&nbsp;trigger the sensor on the RPS3-2 to notify the unit to pickup the phone and start playing its voice prompts. &nbsp;However,when the phone is removed the telephone line does have enough power to key the RPS3-2 to pickup and play its voice prompts.- Turn the ringer OFF on the phone and try calling the Remote Power Switch unit to see if the device picks up the phone. &nbsp;By turning off the ringer, the voltage needed is reduced and the RPS3-2 maybe able to detect the incoming phone call.- Try another phone, there could be something wrong with the phone or its cable or the phone you are using may have a mechanical ringer instead of a electronic ringer. &nbsp;An electronic ringer will draw less current off the phone line.- Replace the telephone cable from the wall to the RPS3-2 unit.- Try another telephone line with a different phone number) to verify operation of the RPS3-2 unit. &nbsp;The phone line should not be on the same circuit as the one that has the problem. &nbsp;If at work, try the phone line at home.If the problem still persists after trying all of the above, contact support @ deltronix.com for further help.Product:<a href= https://www.remotepowerswitch.com/TelephoneRemotePowerSwitch.html&nbsp; target= _blank > RPS3 and RPS3-2 2 port Remote Power Control over Telephone</a><a href= http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com  target= _blank >http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com</a><div></div>