We are having troubles logging into our RPS-SP4L or RPS-SP8L Unit. After log in the message "For operational security, if the system idle time is reached, you will be logged off automatically". What is happening?

This problem usually is a software problem tha occurs just on your local&nbsp;computer due to cookie, browser, firewall&nbsp;or Anti-Virus settings.A person may have logged into the unit, but did not log off properly when their session was done.&nbsp; This could cause the above problem.  Instead of logging off properly, they just closed the browser window and the cookie on the computer was corrupted. )Please try the following:- Make sure your browser allows cookies.- Clear the cache on your web browser to make sure&nbsp;old or corrupted data was not saved.- Update JAVA&nbsp;for your&nbsp;browser.- For testing, try logging in from a completely different computer at a different location.- Try a different browser Chrome, Firefox or IE.&nbsp; - Reboot the RPS Unit by going into the SYSTEM &gt; OTHER Menu and checking off&nbsp;REBOOT. Then click on th SAVE button to reboot.Products: <a href= https://www.remotepowerswitch.com/remotepowerswitch.html&nbsp; target= _blank >RPS-SP4L or RPS-SP8L</a><a href= http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com >http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com</a>