My RPS-SP4L remote power switch will not power off on several of the ports. I click the link on the main menu, it appears to power off, blinks and then returns to the power on state. Why is this happening?

The configuration values you have set for the individual port are probably not set correctly.&nbsp; Click the <strong>SET  button for the port and then cycle through each of the configuration options on the power control page.&nbsp; Check the TEMPERATURE values and make sure the START TEMP is set BELOW the temperature of the RPS-SP4L unit.&nbsp; If the start temperature is set ABOVE the current temperature, the port will not power ON until that temperature threshold is met. If you click the button to power on or off a port and you see the button blinking, you should always check to make sure there is not a conflict with one of the configuration settings.&nbsp; The above configuration error will also affect the scheduling  power on / off ) and other options on the unit, as the START TEMP threshold is not met.