When the RPS-SP4L Tier 3 or RPS-SP8L Tier 3 remote power switch pings a device, how many pings does it send?

The RPS-SP4L  4 ports ) and RPS-SP8L 8 ports ) remote power switch sends one ping to verify that the device is responding on the network or internet.&nbsp; If the ping is not returned, a failure is recorded.&nbsp; You can set the number of failures before the reboot action is taken in the menu.&nbsp; You can also set the interval for the ping test. &nbsp;When the number of failures matches your preset value, the device will initiate a reboot, powering that particular socket off, then on.&nbsp; This is defined as a auto-ping reboot.This Feature is also available on the <a href= http://www.remotepowerswitch.com/web-remotepowercontrol.html&nbsp; target= _blank >RPS-ERP2-Plus Remote Power Switch</a>. <a href= http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com >http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com</a>