When I type my user name and password into the RPS-ERP2 Login Screen and click Submit, I immdiately lose the connection. How do I fix this?

In most cases, this indicates that the IP GATEWAY address in the network settings of the RPS-ERP2 setup page is incorrect.&nbsp; Verify that the IP Settings are correct using&nbsp;<a href= http://www.remotepowerswitch.com/download.html&nbsp; target= _blank >IPEDIT.exe</a> and save to the RPS-ERP2 unit.&nbsp; Reboot the RPS-ERP2  power off then on using the switch in the back of the unit. ) and try accessing again.&nbsp;Also verify that the IP configuration of your computer is correct especially the IP GATEWAY address.<p>If all the values are correct, try accessing the RPS-ERP2 from: - Another Computer- Another Web Browser Lastly, try resetting the firmware on the RPS-ERP2.&nbsp; <a href= http://support.remotepowerswitch.com/KB/a34/how-do-i-reset-the-rps-erp2-to-factory-defaults.aspx?KBSearchID=0&nbsp; target= _blank >Click This Link for Instructions.</a>If the problem persists, contact <a href= mailto:support@deltronix.com >support@deltronix.com</a> for further help.