I am having trouble configuring the IP Address of my RPS-ERP-2 Unit using IPEDIT. IPEDIT appears to not be running. Can you help?

- Turn off your anti-virus program and windows firewall. In some cases, IPEDIT maybe blocked by these programs.&nbsp; Turn them back on after configuration is complete.) Try starting IPEDIT. - Download the Visual Basic Libraries from this link <a href= http://support.microsoft.com/kb/192461 >http://support.microsoft.com/kb/192461&lt;/a>, install, reboot and then try running ipedit again.&nbsp; The libraries are usually loaded with your operating system, but maybe missing on your system.- Try the BETA Version of IPEDIT.&nbsp; Download the file by <a href= http://www.remotepowerswitch.com/ipedit-beta.zip&nbsp; target= _blank ><em>clicking here</em></a>. <strong>Assuming that your RPS-ERP-2 Unit is plugged into the router of your existing network, the IP address is probably set to the default values, with no other changes, you can try the following:  - Try connecting directly to the RPS-ERP II using your web browser by configuring your computer to the same network as the default Remote Power Switch settings. Set your computers IP address to, netmask and Gateway of . Open up your web browser and go to <a href= ></a> Does the login screen appear? If not, try setting your computer to, Same Netmask and as the gateway.&nbsp;  Open up your web browser and go to <a href= ></a> to see if you get the login screen. <strong>If you are still having problems accessing the unit, you can use a CROSSOVER CABLE to connect directly from your computer to the RPS-ERP-2 unit. &nbsp; Then set the IP address to your computer as shown above, and try accessing the unit directly with your web browser.&nbsp; Note that a Crossover Cable is a specialized cable that will allow direct communications between your computer and the RPS-ERP2 remote power controller or any other network device).&nbsp; You can purchase one at any computer store.&nbsp; You do not need a router to communicate directly with another device when you use a crossover cable.&nbsp; You can also try IPEDIT when you are in this configuration as you are bypassing any firewalls or security devices on your local network that may also be blocking IPEDIT from finding your RPS unit.&nbsp; <em>A standard network cable is different from a Crossover Cable.</em>