The telephone is staying off hook on my RPS-SP4L or RPS-SP8L Unit. How do I fix this ?

Check the following:- Hook up a regular telephone to the phone line and make sure it is operating properly.&nbsp; Call in and confirm that it is ringing the phone.- Change the phone cord going into the unit.&nbsp; It maybe kinked or is causing a short.- Do a simply power off / then back on of the Remote Power Controller using the power switch on the front of the unit.&nbsp; Did the indicator reset ? This will power off the connected devices, so make sure this is acceptable. ).&nbsp; Alternatively, you can reboot the unit itself from remote by going into the OTHER Tab, check off the REBOOT DEVICE option and select save.&nbsp; Again, make sure the connected devices are ready to have their power cycled.- Perform a full reset of the unit to reload the firmware on the RPS device. <span id= ctl00_MPH_PVContent >To&nbsp;reset the RPS-SP4L or RPS-SP8L unit to factory defaults use a paper clip to depress the RESET button located right next to the TEL / LAN Indicator buttons. Press and hold the reset button until the units indicator lights flash and the unit will reboot.&nbsp; Note that once the unit is reset, the configuration values will go to, the default IP address.&nbsp; The user name and password will reset to admim.&nbsp; The phone password will return to 123456.&nbsp; Other data should remain unchanged. If you still have access to your unit, you can go into the UPDATE tab and download the remote power switches configuration prior to reset.&nbsp; After the reset, you can upload this file to return to your configuration.