How can I power on a computer that has been turned off ?

Unplug your computer from the wall.&nbsp; Plug it back in.&nbsp; Does it start?&nbsp; If not, go into the BIOS of your computer.&nbsp; There should be a setting for POWER with options typically of ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS OFF and LAST STATE.&nbsp; Set this value to ALWAYS ON.&nbsp; Save and Reboot Your computer.&nbsp; Now, run the same test.&nbsp; Unplug the computer from the wall and plug it back in.&nbsp; It should automatically turn on.&nbsp;&nbsp;When you plug your computer cord into&nbsp;our <a href=  title= View our Remote Power Switch Products >Remote Power Switch Unit</a>, it will turn the power on and your computer will also start.If your computer BIOS does not have the POWER option available, you will need to purchase our RPS-ATX Unit which is wired into your motherboard.&nbsp; When power is restored to the RPS-ATX unit, it will close the contact on your motherboard that starts the computer.  it pushes the ON button) The link is <a href= >;/a>.<a href=  target= _blank ></a><br />