I am seeing a series of random characters in the Port Name Box in the power control menu of my RPS-ERP II. Sometimes my information appears saved, and sometimes it returns to these varied characters. How do I fix this ?

What you are seeing is a cache problem most likely caused by IE and the internal web server. First try using Firefox as a test and see if this clears up the problem. If not, delete the cache in IE under Tools&gt;Internet Options&gt;General&gt;Browsing History&gt;Delete and select Temporary Internet Files and Form Data. Once flushed, close and then open IE to see if the problem clears up. If not, you can try to reset the internal web server by reloading the firmware on the unit. To do this, press and hold the 2 buttons on the front of the RPS-ERP-2 unit while you power on the device. Continue pressing the buttons for about 1 minute. You will hear a series of beeps. After a minute, release the buttons. Power the unit off, then back on. The RPS-ERP-2 unit will now be reset to factory default settings and the internal web server will be flushed. Configure the unit wth your IE web browser. The random characters in the power control menu should not appear anymore.<br />