My RPS-ERP2 is not responding to IPEDIT and I can't locate it on my network. What shall I do ?

If you are sure your network is ok and configured correctly, try resetting the RPS-ERP2 to factory defaults. Press and hold the 2 buttons on the front of the RPS-ERP-2 unit while you power on the device. Continue pressing the buttons for about 1 minute. You will hear a series of beeps. After a minute, release the buttons. Power the unit off, then back on. The RPS-ERP-2 unit will now be reset to factory default settings of IP or If this does not work, configure a network port on your desktop or laptop for an ip address of, netmask of and gateway of  or and gateway alternative) Then connect a CROSS-OVER network cable a special cable available at any computer store ) between this network port and the RPS-ERP2 unit. Power up the RPS-ERP2, which should have a default IP of or Open your web browser and try and access the unit directly by typing or <a href= ></a> into the browsers command line. You should see the login screen to the RPS-ERP2. <br />